Go Mining

GoMining is an innovative and creative business opportunity that is completely portable. Since our company’s inception, we have installed almost 400 permanent mines and sluices throughout the US, and 8 other countries. They are located in campgrounds, mini-golf courses, family fun centers, gift shops, and museums. Now we’re taking our extremely successful business venture mobile!

GoMining is a new business consisting of three components; a mining attraction, a gemstone panning sluice, and a retail table. All three components are excellent profit centers with proven records of success. There is literally no business opportunity like this in the marketplace today! 

The GoMining trailer graphic featuring a man sifting for gems and contact information
Go Mining Trailer

This creative mobile attraction brings a realistic prospecting experience directly to the customer while eliminating costly advertising fees, huge infrastructure, and unreliable employees.  A GoMining operator can travel directly to any event teeming with willing participants, setup for an hour, or a week, and leave knowing that he or she helped start or continue a rock and fossil collection that a child will never forget. The market is virtually limitless: a dealer can setup for school functions, boyscout outings, birthday parties, fairs, festivals, or large events. No other business allows you to have so much fun, work when you want to, and reap your own rewards!  

  • The Mine inside a 12′ long air conditioned enclosed trailer 
  • A two 10ft portable sections of gemstone panning sluice that connect
  • 2 Promotional signs to help with marketing
  • 10 Hardhats and 10 headlamps
  • 10 buckets for children’s treasures
  • 1,000 mining treasure refills valued at $8,000.00
  • 620 bags of mining rough valued at over $8,320
  • An ID brochure for each mining bag purchased
  • Training on how to operate a Go Mining business
  • Will assist you in research for potential events in your area
  • $22,500 Delivered East of the Mississippi. Add $500 West of Mississippi excluding California. Add $1000 delivered to California